Tax Deductions update! The following will affect many peoples work from home tax deductions and is very good to know:

“As tax time looms, the ATO has pointed to four key ineligible work-from-home claims it will be watching closely as taxpayers look to make the most of flexible working arrangements”.

  • The temporary shortcut method, extended to 30 June this year, allows taxpayers to claim a fixed rate of 80 cents an hour for all running expenses incurred as a result of working from home, as opposed to calculating costs for specific expenses. You just multiply the hours worked at home by 80 cents,
  • “The only proof you need is a record of the number of hours you’ve worked from home, such as a timesheet.”
  • This temporary shortcut method is all-inclusive, it covers a range of running expenses including electricity for lighting, cooling, heating and the running of other electronic items; phone and internet costs; and the depreciation of various items spanning computers, laptops, home office furniture, and other household fixtures that see wear as a result of a taxpayer’s working arrangements.

Beware of the following:

  • Personal expenses, like coffee, tea and toilet paper — which, while may be made available by some employers — aren’t directly related to earning income, and cannot be claimed by taxpayers.
  • Other ineligible expenses include those related to a child’s education, like online learning courses, or laptops, as well as large up-front costs. Those could include any asset that costs over $300, like a computer (depreciated instead).
  • Employees generally aren’t able to claim rent, mortgage interest, property insurance, or other land taxes and rates. The Tax Office said that working from home does not make a taxpayer’s home a place of business for tax purposes and warns that claiming occupancy expenses could expose some taxpayers to capital gains tax when they leave their homes.

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