Hello and I hope you are navigating these crazy times!

I wanted to update all clients on “What VJC is doing and how we will be helping you”

1st we all appreciate how uncertain, confusing and daunting these times are and we all need to focus on surviving through this lockdown period and await the resumption of some trading normality.

Over this period we will be assisting in the following ways:


  • PHONE CALLS TO PROVIDE ADVICE – Order the next few weeks I will be calling all clients to discuss their business, brainstorm how to pivot operations and explain the stimulus. Please call or email us if you have a question and we will respond asap.
  • EMAIL VIA MAILCHIMP – We will be posting updates regularly via email on Mailchimp.  Please ensure you are receiving our Mailchimp email updates (sometimes these go to your junk email and you need to mark them as friendly)
  • SOCIAL MEDIA UPDATES – Our updates can be accessed if you have “Liked” our VJC Facebook page, or by reviewing our website and LinkedIn profile.
  • CONTACT US – You can contact us on our phone number and emails.
  • WORKING FROM HOME – We are moving premises, we will temporarily have no physical office but we are excited to pivot our operation into a new direction in the near future.
  • ACCOUNTING SERVICES INCLUDING THE BAS – The stimulus is delivered through the BAS, we will handle this, payment plans and other necessary services on your behalf.

STIMULUS reminder, FUTURE BLOGS and DISCUSSIONS. I will address each of the following via a detailed individual blog over the course of the next week/fortnight and then have discussions with you:


  1. PAYGW up to $100K paid by the government, VJC will handle this via the BAS lodgement.
  2. Instant asset write off, $150K, for those able to invest at this time this is great, for many this is not an immediate incentive. Secure income like government contracts make this attractive.
  3. CHEAP LOANS, as above this again suits some but not others, there are many possibilities here and this will be the 1st blog update.
  4. Apprentice payments may help some businesses to grow or to maintain staff numbers.
  5. CENTRELINK OPTIONS are also a fall back for those in need.
  6. ACCESS TO SUPER & CHANGES TO PENSIONS relief is available.
  7. Accelerated depreciation

See previous blog on an outline and we will talk very soon.

From observing the market and talking to many client the measure that is not been raised yet is how businesses can continue to pay rent! There needs to be some type of moratorium on mortgage prepayments and the payment of leases. You should be asking for a rent reduction during this disruption and lockdown. How much depends on your circumstances, I have seen 50% to 100% reductions requested and granted and also the same rejected. At best this is a 3-6 month issue, in a lockdown we cannot trade and hence paying rent is unjustified. Most commercial leases are being frustrated by this disruption and there is some argument there to contest them. Business interruption and commercial agreement are likely to have a force majeure clause “act of god” clause to cover this event. Addressing this is essential to save good businesses as the PM has said he would like to.

Please call me if needed, take care.

Adrian and the VJC team.