VJC have always been customer-centric, our clients have always trusted that we are working for them and on their side. The Royal Commission is about the practices of the larger corporations who dictate the terms but do not have the relationship with the end consumer.

THIS IS WHAT WE DO, quoting this article:
“Working with an adviser gives them peace of mind and we found that soft skills like caring, listening, educating, patience and availability were the most highly valued elements,”

ADVISERS AS EDUCATORS we see that both retail consumers and SMEs are looking for professional insight,” he says. “People aren’t necessarily ready to manage themselves and they don’t necessarily want to learn how. Instead, they want the insight that years of experience bring to financial planners. That’s where the real value is.”

WHAT BUSINESSES WANT the needs of businesses and individuals are naturally different, and it’s clear from the research that SMEs are resolutely focused on cost, honesty and transparency. But the need for constant communication runs strong across SMEs as well.