With the escalation to pandemic status today and the likelihood of more gloom in the coming months due to the Coronavirus I thought I would share some positive investment advice.

If you assume that the world will not end from this event then having faith in your plan is a sensible approach to this correction.

If you have not already invest in a good adviser/mentor and make sure you have a plan.

This week we have seen the ASX fall and then have small rises as some buy in to take advantage of the cheaper prices.

Logic tells you that if you believe the pandemic will stabilise and recede then this may well be a smart short and long term move.

For our investment clients in our suggested portfolios we have seen some pleasing results due to the downside protection bias.

Whilst this is pleasing we are likely to endure tougher markets and more disappointment in the coming months.

The interventions we are seeing, the cancellations and bans are all going to unfortunately have a downward effect on the economy.

And the Australian cold and flu season is coming up.

“Worrying will not change the market so focus your energy on things you can control”

Get a good adviser/mentor to guide you, make sure that you have a plan. We are experts in wealth, business and personal advice and YES we are still open for business!