I have been contemplating the investment and the broader world over the past fortnight and I do not think I am alone in that space, here are my thoughts on where we are heading and what long term investors could consider:


  • Expect further volatility in investment markets, only the brave would say we are at the proverbial bottom of the fall.
  • Ensure you have enough accessible cash to suit your needs, say 1-3 years depending on you risk tolerance and optimism.
  • Engage professional advice in your investment structure and selection, unfortunately after isolation you did not become an enlightened investor who can pick the market bottom or which investments will rise and fall in the recovery.
  • Education tell us that you Profit over the long term from buying well.
  • Experience says you are unlikely (nor is there a need) to pick the bottom of the market if you wisely invest over time into the market.
  • Expect that businesses and governments will meet the changing needs of the world and hence investment markets, if they do the world should emerge improved and/or as good as it can be.

So relax, stop looking at your investments and continue or start living!


Consider the following:


  • The pandemic is a massive event and it will permanently change how we do many things in the future including how we act and think.
  • Businesses and governments around the world will pivot to reflect these changes, the result should mean it is likely our investments will evolve and endure.
  • However at this point in time as we push to restart the economy we must recognise that we are not near the end of this pandemic as there is no cure/vaccine yet and a 2nd wave is highly probable.



  • There is no doubt that mankind is great at messing things up but in the same breath amazing at pivoting and repairing the damage at the last minute, I suppose this is where the survival instinct finally overtakes the greed and capitalism.
  • From my experience I see that as restrictions ease people unintentionally revert to their pre-covid19 customsg. they relax distancing after a few drinks and embrace!
  • You could say that Australia compared to the rest of the world suffered less from covid-19 so far and so people may not feel the need to adopt all the positive and sensible changes as much as people from less fortunate parts of the world, but as the world changes we will hopefully
  • I think the opportunity to embrace these changes should not be lost, so many great practices and innovations have emerged that should remain as part of our lives e.g. personal space and hygiene, less travel and pollution, the use of technology, more time with the family….
  • Let’s pray our instinct’s (to survive and thrive) triumph over our complacency.

Pivot, Innovate or Rebuild the future you want.


General Advice warning: the information in this article is general in nature, it is not advice specific to your needs. If you want to act upon the information in this article then you should seek advice from a qualified professional. VJC WM accepts no liability to any party for acting from this information unless they have sought advice in a formal engagement with VJC WM for this purpose.