It is Tax time again, the happiest time of the year for some!

Here are some pointers to assist you this year

  1. We are able to access most of your details via the ATO portal, all your Employer payment summaries (group certificates), bank interest, dividends and health insurance details.


  • Some information takes time to make its way onto the ATO portal, so in some cases we must wait OR you will need to provide these.
  • The ATO recommends you wait until late July before lodging but in some cases mid July may be OK.
  • At the moment the health insurance details are not there for some.
  • Also not all employers have lodged your payment summaries with the ATO hence these details could be missing.
  • The ONUS is always on the YOU to ensure you have included all the information needed on your tax return, it is a self-assessment system.
  • WE require you to tell us any relevent information.
  1. You must provide us with the deductions that you intend to claim, we can assist you to determine what is claimable and how much is also.
  • ASK us for our deduction checklist if needed.
  • Work related expenses like mobiles, internet, launder, tools, working from home etc are common.
  • Motor vehicle, self-education, travel and donations are others.
  1. Because of the lockdown due to COVID19 many people have been working from home, there are deductions available for those who did and a record of the hours worked between 1 March and 30 June 2020 is the starting point.


First in, first done and any refund money is yours earlier to spend or invest:

  • As per usual we will complete returns as much as possible in the order they are received hence we encourage clients to send their information as early as possible.
  • The earlier it is sent the faster any possible refund will be in your hands.
  • If you need to pay tax you can defer lodging and/or paying until the due date which is next year in most cases.

Let’s get started, the preferred post Covid19 way

  • With COVID19 an ongoing concern we are encouraging less visits to the office and more video conferencing and e-signing etc.
  • Most clients email us their information, this practice is preferred and encouraged.
  • Clients are welcome to come in if they want to and if you do we ask that you ensure they have no symptoms and exercise social distancing. Please do not be offended if our staff ask you some questions around this.
  • We have moved office, we are now at 220 Victoria Road, Drummoyne. All our other contact details remain the same.

Thank you as always for you loyalty and the opportunity to assist you,

We appreciate your business and referrals are always welcomed.

The VJC team

General Advice warning: the information in this article is general in nature, it is not advice specific to your needs. If you want to act upon the information in this article then you should seek advice from a qualified professional. VJC WM accepts no liability to any party for acting from this information unless they have sought advice in a formal engagement with VJC WM for this purpose.