10 Reasons to engage a Wealth Advisor

Financial Planning

We exists to facilitate a professional and complete planning service for clients. As licensed advisers we will document, implement, monitor and review the advice we provide to you so that you achieve and continue to achieve your stated goals.

We believe that it is easier to arrive at a desired outcome if you are aware and focused on where it is you wish to go. Advice and implementation are broken down into manageable segments to assist the clients in understanding and progressing through the process.

Our overall goal is to provide complete, efficient and clever advice for our clients using our training and education, experience, lateral thinking as well as knowledge of structures, tax and other laws.


Wealth Creation

Wealth creation is a tailored advice process much like a personal trainer, clients can implement our advice and measure the success of their efforts with our engagement.

Interestingly the outcome is determined as much by the client as it is by the adviser. We aim to provide advice, explain the use of the correct structures, provide you our knowledge and experience so you avoid unscrupulous, unethical or unreasonable investment choices and assist you to focus on the correct wealth creation factors.


Financial / Retirement Planning

The Financial planning process above is followed for every engagement. Increasingly we find that once we have determined your goals and discussed your alternatives and perhaps your fears that the most useful and illustrative way to model scenarios is by preparing projections. Projections allow us to put a number, or show how much difference each scenario will have.

For our retirement clients, we also can model the different ways we can structure your money, how accessing Centrelink benefits may be possible, and the tradeoffs. Projections and modelling is something we specialise ad excel at and is well worth the investment for the client, it provides peace of mind.


Personal and Family Protection

Family Protection is the first and most crucial step in any wealth plan. It is a confronting discussion about matters most people would prefer to not think about and is achieved through advice on asset protection and the use of various combinations of insurances provided in the most efficient manner. It can be linked to Business and Key person strategies.


Superannuation Advisory

We can compare and analyse your current superannuation providers and make recommendations if required to reputable and well-rated super and investment providers. So many times we start with consolidating clients super.


Self Managed Super including SMSF gearing

We are expert in all matters relating to self managed superannuation funds (SMSF) from the set up to maintenance and compliance of a SMSF. We are well versed on the strategies, uses and investments permitted via the use of a SMSF.

We have substantial expertise in the use of SMSF for geared investments via limited recourse borrowing arrangements, we provide a lead advisory role in this often times complicated process.


Investment Advisory

Advice on asset allocations, diversification, the use of various structures, gearing and investment strategies to enhance your objectives are available for all clients as well as the very useful and well received option of using us as a sounding board for your questions and thoughts.

Whether it be your own research, the media or friends we find that this is the most favoured and useful benefit of having a wealth adviser so that you can benefit from our education, experience, insights and take into account the latest in industry and legislative changes.


Estate Planning

Crucially your wills and other estate planning measures are there to ensure that your wealth is directed as desired. A carefully constructed estate plan is necessary to ensure that your intended beneficiaries benefit from your estate.

This becomes more crucial if you have a complicated family structure, issues with an ex spouse or your kid/s, or if your estate is large or your affairs are complex. We believe in most cases that specialist lawyers should be used and find this is often the most overlooked and underestimated advice segment.