Forget those resolutions that you will inevitably break instead let’s work on solutions this year and build a future from it!
Let’s look at the great things that came out of covid-19:

  • innovation in business processes
  • increased use of technology
  • personal space re-invented with social distancing
  • less pollution, cleaner air and less waste
  • less traffic and less unnecessary travel
  • friendly people that are considerate and smile
  • more time for family and home with less distractions
  • thinking more about our elders and how to help others
  • back to the basics of life, a more humble existence
  • more creativity and manual skills utilized

We can finally see the forest through the trees!

So as the economy hits speed humps and the investment markets stop and start as always be positive:

  • take all the good things you embraced this year so far and make them your norm
  • improve your lifestyle both personal and work
  • adapt and evolve in all areas of your life


​BUSINESS OWNERS do not miss the opportunity to:

  • improve your business, more meaningful client and staff interactions
  • innovate your business processes, technology is the best thing to emerge from this difficult time
  • seek new opportunities in every direction i.e. complimentary, vertically and in new arenas



  • opportunities to diversify your income sources
  • create passive income streams
  • the new favoured assets in these changing markets, this is a time of great change
  • more ways to enjoy the planet and your health so you create that work life balance
  • more quality time with family and friends
  • sustainable and environmentally friendly options in all parts of your life


So let us help you

  • create a plan
  • ignore the negatives and find the positives
  • work towards where you want to be
  • find solutions and move forward

FY 2021 – Be happy, humble and healthy
Have a great year and build a future from it
This year can be whatever you want it to be
Success is still achieved via hard work, innovation and determination
We are here as your advisers to coach and guide you with our expertise, objectivity and experience.

Adrian and the VJC Team.


FYI – We have almost moved to our new office, the address is 220 Victoria Road, Drummoyne. All other details remain the same.

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