The short answer is;


  • If you are 40-45 years old you should have already started thinking and talking about retirement.
  • If you are over age 45 then NOW (if you have not already).
  • If you are younger than 40, it is never too early to start planning and understanding where you are heading.


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  • Because planning is needed to take advantage of the considerable benefits available to retirees.
  • A plan is normally needed to achieve a goal.
  • If you have a strong income and/or savings, then with planning you can channel these to the right places.
  • If you have assets, then it makes a huge difference how you are structured.


A few thoughts come to mind;


  • It is safe to say that you have a better chance to achieve your goals with the help of a coach i.e. an adviser.
  • It is always cheaper to get things right the 1st time than to correct them later.
  • It takes time to turn a boat around, there are restrictions that make it hard to leave it until later and try to fix things.
  • People (yes, you) live longer these days. The average Australian can expect to spend 20 to 30 years in retirement. That’s almost as much time in retirement as they spent working!


What are these advantages?


  • The correct set up and structure will result in accessing the considerable concessions in retirement which should result in you having more money to spend and your money lasting longer.


How come?


  • By paying less tax (in fact in many cases, no tax) your money will grow faster and/or last longer!


So what we are saying is that:


  • A good retirement plan will give you a much greater probability of getting things right, making your money last longer and creating more wealth.
  • Planning ahead may be the only way to take advantage of all the possibilities available.


Too often as advisers we meet people who are about to or have just retired and they decide to visit a financial planner – usually for the first time – to get their retirement sorted. Common triggers are understanding their super or the age pension rules and choices. Many times, when we meet with a prospective client to discuss retirement, it becomes apparent that they have insufficient savings, and particularly super, to support the type of lifestyle they have dreamed of.

So, remember that when we think about retirement, from a financial perspective, we are often planning for a very long time.


Some free advice*


  • Don’t think you are too young to start planning for retirement, you don’t want to miss out on all the concessions available.
  • Budget better, know what you are spending and be happy that you have got the balance between comfort now and later right. Pay off debt as soon as possible so you can divert savings towards your retirement plan.
  • Save extra over the years, consider salary sacrifice or personal contributions. Extra money into super can mean the difference between a comfortable, and a very modest retirement. It can also be tax effective.


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